CV007 – Control Voltage for August 10, 2013

  1. Title: Doppleganger
    Artist: Freezepop
    Release: Imaginary Friends
    Label: The Archenemy Record Company
    Download: Grab it from Freezepop’s website (the box on the left)
  2. Title: My Skateboard Will Go On
    Artist: Anamanaguchi
    Release: My Skateboard Will Go On
    Label: dream.hax
    Donwload: Grab the tune from Soundcloud
  3. Title: Algzèbres, Pts. A-M, and Pts. N-Z
    Artist: minusbaby
    Release: Dereche
    Label: 8BitPeoples
    Download: Grab both parts from 8bitpeoples
  4. Title: 1230
    Artist: Overwerk
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    Download: Free download via Facebook
  5. Title: Recoherence (Draft 1)
    Artist: Phylum Sinter
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    Download: Grab the tune from Soundcloud
  6. Title: Vertigo (Luke Abbott Remix)
    Artist: PVT
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    Download: Grab the tune from Soundcloud

Audio beds by djgriffin

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CV006 – Control Voltage for April 22, 2011

  1. Title: nomoresleazeinmysteez
    Artist: Galapagoose
    Release: We Love DJ Kool Herc Compilation
    Label: Saturn Never Sleeps
    Download: Grab the whole compilation here
  2. Title: Dark Signals
    Artist: Mark Mosher
    Release: I Hear Your Signals
    Label: N/A
    Download: Bandcamp – Name Your Own Price (no minimum)
  3. Title: Salvation for a Broken Heart
    Artist: Nullsleep
    Release: Unconditional Acceleration
    Label: 8bitpeoples
    Download: Grab the song here
  4. Title: Reformat the Planet
    Artist: bitshifter
    Release: Information Chase
    Label: 8bitpeoples
    Download: Grab the song here
  5. Title: Bayfield
    Artist: Dire Wires
    Release: Hearts in Stasis
    Label: Moodgadget
    Download: Grab the song from xlr8r
  6. Title: STE-023
    Artist: Ryan Bocook
    Release: Probe:1 The Quadslope Compilation
    Label: Quadslope
    Download: Grab the album here

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CV005 – Control Voltage for March 23, 2010

  1. Title: This Is Not an Experiment
    Artist: ehskeh
    Release: n/a
    Label: n/a
    ehskeh, AKA Uriel Salas, checks in this week with a great upbeat danceable piece. Give ehskeh some digital love over on the SoundCloud!
  2. Title: Who Are You / Poo on You
    Artist: Lost Systems
    Release: n/a
    Label: n/a
    Great IDM stuff from Bright Star and Tar of Lost Systems. They list this as a piece in progress, but I think it’s perfect as is. Grab it from the Cloud of Sounds!
  3. Title: Dual Mimicry
    Artist: Ryan Chittick
    Release: n/a
    Label: n/a
    I absolutely love this song. Completely reminds me of the extended synth sequences on early Genesis albums. Really amazing stuff from Ryan Chittick (with help from Lilly Nguyen and Josh Gumiela, according to his spartan website). Grab the track from Soundcloud and favorite that mofo!
  4. Title: Allure
    Artist: Kenetik
    Release: And Sun
    Label: n/a
    Nice chill Electronica with a great acoustic guitar hook. Plug in the headphones and float, people! Hailing from Cape Town, South Africa, Kenetik is an unsigned part time musician playing keys and strings in addition to being a software developer. Aren’t we all? 🙂 The whole release is available on Soundcloud, so while you’re there for the track, pick it up!
  5. Title: Cool Westernly
    Artist: coLEmanmusicproject
    Release: n/a
    Label: n/a
    Love the initial groove on this track. According to coLEmanmusicproject, if you have ridden a camel, you already know the groove. Nice chilled-out ambient piece here, with a little Spaghetti Western thrown in around the 2/3 mark for good measure. Fun piece! Grab it, of course, from the Condensed Water Vapors of Atmospheric Pressure and Rarefaction.
  6. Title: Around the Old Man’s House
    Artist: JM Simpson
    Release: Knowtion
    Label: n/a
    This amazing chill out piece features spoken word poetry over ambient synths and a field recording by CV featured artist Specta Cierra. JM Simpson has a cool thing going: all of his (her?) releases are done vlog-style via YouTube playlists. Grab this track through SoundCloud, and be sure to subscribe to the YouTube channel!

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CV004 – Control Voltage for March 20, 2010

  1. Title: 50K Watts of Bass
    Artist: DJ Sean Timothy
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    DJ Sean Timothy has been a DJ since 1997 and a producer since 2002. This is an awesome electro/breakbeat tune he put up on his Soundcloud. Grab it for free, and if you dig it, throw him some scratch for the tune over on Beats Digital. If I wasn’t so damn broke, I sure would…
  2. Title: An Hero Must Not Cry
    Artist: Old Comics Heroes
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    Old Comics Heroes is an Italian duo consisting of Daniele Balzano (Live Performer) and Antonio Santoro (DJ/Producer). They say their sound is part vintage, part alternative, and I have to agree. All of their music is done with physical instruments such as the Korg MS2000, Microkorg Xl, Korg Electribe Sx & Mx. You can grab this one from Soundcloud.
  3. Title: Digital Love (Quantazellified Mix)
    Artist: Daft Punk
    Release: N/A
    Label: Subvariant
    Another great unreleased track by Quantazelle. This time she remixes Daft Punk, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Check out her live mix at Subterranean for more awesomeness (including this track), or grab the track individually from Soundcloud.
  4. Title: Spiral
    Artist: William Orbit
    Release: Hello Waveform
    Label: Sanctuary Records
    We all know who William Orbit is. He put up this tune to promote his “Hello Waveforms” release on Sanctuary Records. Grab it free from his website. Looks like it worked. 🙂
  5. Title: Without You (feat. Megaga)
    Artist: RJ Chevalier
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    RJ Chevalier, aka Russell Knight, delivers this week with a short but sweet eletropop tune, with beautiful vocals by Megaga. Check out the tune on Soundcloud.
  6. Title: Cauliflower Clouds
    Artist: DJ Arclight (aka Zaxus)
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    Well, I thought I’d finally feature myself on my podcast. It won’t happen often, I promise. This is an experimental remix of a piano track done for CCMixter. Just put the headphones on, close your eyes, and let go. Grab the tune from CCMixter.

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Wax Cylinders for the New Millenium

In an interesting take on the old wax cylinder, hotchk155 has developed a cylindrical hand-cranked MIDI sequencer using a baked beans can, some magnets, some Technics Lego bricks, and an electronics breadboard.

From the horse’s mouth:

One empty baked bean tin, some lego and a stack of little magnets… stick magnets on the tin and slide them about to ‘program’ the sequencer, then grab hold of the ‘transport control’ and crank away…. The breadboard contains 5 hall-effect switches and a PIC16F688 to generate MIDI note on/off information. This is piped to Reason in the first half of the clip and to a Dave Smith Mopho synth in the second half.

I reckon with a baked bean tin about 16ft in diameter and about 25,000 magnets you could dump your sequencer software.. and you’d be getting some good aerobic exercise to boot :o)

Found on Synthtopia.

Favorite Song from CV003?