CV003 – Control Voltage for March 9, 2010

  1. Title: Pattern of the Music
    Artist: Tom Cosm
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A

    Tom Cosm is a certified Ableton Live trainer and all around cool guy. He puts lots of his music online for free, and gives away the Ableton Live sets in the hopes that someone can learn from them. This track is one of his few psy tunes.

  2. Title: Haiti Wail
    Artist: Darage Bang
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A

    Darage Bang is a project by Frank Meyer, a 40 year old graphic designer at an advertising company in Germany. He got his name from Apple’s Garage Band, however he has now moved on to Logic for his musical creations. The track is full of great synth lines, and is his tribute to the earthquake victims in Haiti. Check out his blog for a broader explanation of his feelings on the topic, as well as lots of other tracks for download.

  3. Title: Wintertime
    Artist: Alex Brandmeyer
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A

    Not much to be found about Alex Brandmeyer, but this song is a winner. Check out his rather spartan website, also this video of a killer live performance rig test.

  4. Title: Calculus
    Artist: Stretta
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A

    “Welcome to what it sounds like inside my head.” Stretta’s description of this amazing piece is fitting. It’s like a dream you can’t quite remember, or something you saw out of the corner of your eye, but you turned to look and it was gone. Very, very cool.

  5. Title: Marzo
    Artist: Oo-ray
    Release: N/A
    Label: LuvSound

    Oo-ray, also known as Ted Laderas, calls himself a shoegazer cellist, but I just call it cool. He layers his cello over itself doing live droning improvisations. This track is the first piece I had heard from him, and I just had to include it on the podcast. He says he’ll be downgrading his Soundcloud account and removing a bunch of stuff soon, so get it while it lasts.

  6. Title: Sky Pulse
    Artist: Watson
    Release: Haiti 2010
    Label: N/A

    Watson is a monome based electronic musician out of Santa Fe, New Mexico. I ran across this track on the Monome Community’s Haiti 2010 charity album, which has now been released for free on Bandcamp. You can check out more from Watson at MySpace, and on his Vimeo channel.

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Groovy Korg EMX-1 Track

Nice percussion track done live on a Korg EMX-1. Looks to me like he’s recording it in Ableton live (on the computer in the background). Take a listen:

Yet another one with no download so I can’t feature it on the podcast. 😦

Favorite track from CV002?

CV002 – Control Voltage for March 2, 2010

  1. Title: Monad
    Artist: Veqtor
    Release: Parsuitel Orbitelum
    Label: N/A
    Veqtor, aka Göran Sandström, is a student at the Gotlands School of Music Composition in Visby, Sweden. He says he’s been making music since 1997 when he was just 13 years old. Check him out his blog, and grab the album (and others) free from Bandcamp.

  2. Title: Blackhole
    Artist: arjanM
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    Blackhole is another song I was introduced to via its music video. The song and the video were both produced by arjanM, who doesn’t say much about himself on his site, but I think the track and the video speak for themselves. Please note, the video is NSFW (some CG nudity). Also check out his “Making of” video where he breaks apart some of the video and CG composites from Blackhole (also NSFW). You can grab the track from his web site.

  3. Title: Myth of the Near Future Split, Part 2
    Artist: Specta Ciera
    Release: Myth of the Near Future Split EP
    Label: circlesandlines recordings
    Specta Ciera is an ambient musician from Cambridge, MA, aka as Devin Underwood. The track is from a new collaborative EP released by circlesandlines recordings called Myth of the Near Future Split. It is beautiful ambient music, I highly recommend you check it out.

  4. Title: Grind Yer Feet
    Artist: Making the Noise
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    Making the Noise, aka Adam Ribaudo, is a Monome programmer and musician based in Boston. He uses custom and self-created software to create his pieces, and Grind Yer Feet is the first music to come out of some Max4Live/Monome software that he’s calling SevenUp Live. You can check out a live performance video at Vimeo.

  5. Title: Eigenvalue
    Artist: Kurt Lorenz
    Release: The General Analysis of Nature
    Label: N/A
    Kurt Lorenz has been involved in creating electronic music since 1985, and this year he participated in the annual RPM Challenge, which puts musicians and songwriters up to the task of writing an EP’s worth of music (35 minutes or 10 songs) in just 28 days. Kurt was more than up to the task and has produced an awesome release of experimental electronica.

  6. Title: Worldview
    Artist: Little Scale
    Release: Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken
    Label: Handheld Heros
    As far as I can tell, Little Scale is a chipmusic artist out of Australia, and in real life may in fact answer to the name Sebastian Tomczak. I haven’t been able to glean much more information than that, however his blog is chock full of chiptune tips and tricks, so if you’re into glitching your Mega Drive his site is worth your time. According to the blog, “Nothing Has Been Left Unspoken” was produced using the Sega Mega Drive, Atari 2600 and Commodore 64. Definitely a release worth checking out, especially if you thought the epitome of game music was the NES Contra soudntrack.

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