CV006 – Control Voltage for April 22, 2011

  1. Title: nomoresleazeinmysteez
    Artist: Galapagoose
    Release: We Love DJ Kool Herc Compilation
    Label: Saturn Never Sleeps
    Download: Grab the whole compilation here
  2. Title: Dark Signals
    Artist: Mark Mosher
    Release: I Hear Your Signals
    Label: N/A
    Download: Bandcamp – Name Your Own Price (no minimum)
  3. Title: Salvation for a Broken Heart
    Artist: Nullsleep
    Release: Unconditional Acceleration
    Label: 8bitpeoples
    Download: Grab the song here
  4. Title: Reformat the Planet
    Artist: bitshifter
    Release: Information Chase
    Label: 8bitpeoples
    Download: Grab the song here
  5. Title: Bayfield
    Artist: Dire Wires
    Release: Hearts in Stasis
    Label: Moodgadget
    Download: Grab the song from xlr8r
  6. Title: STE-023
    Artist: Ryan Bocook
    Release: Probe:1 The Quadslope Compilation
    Label: Quadslope
    Download: Grab the album here

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