CV004 – Control Voltage for March 20, 2010

  1. Title: 50K Watts of Bass
    Artist: DJ Sean Timothy
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    DJ Sean Timothy has been a DJ since 1997 and a producer since 2002. This is an awesome electro/breakbeat tune he put up on his Soundcloud. Grab it for free, and if you dig it, throw him some scratch for the tune over on Beats Digital. If I wasn’t so damn broke, I sure would…
  2. Title: An Hero Must Not Cry
    Artist: Old Comics Heroes
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    Old Comics Heroes is an Italian duo consisting of Daniele Balzano (Live Performer) and Antonio Santoro (DJ/Producer). They say their sound is part vintage, part alternative, and I have to agree. All of their music is done with physical instruments such as the Korg MS2000, Microkorg Xl, Korg Electribe Sx & Mx. You can grab this one from Soundcloud.
  3. Title: Digital Love (Quantazellified Mix)
    Artist: Daft Punk
    Release: N/A
    Label: Subvariant
    Another great unreleased track by Quantazelle. This time she remixes Daft Punk, and it’s absolutely brilliant. Check out her live mix at Subterranean for more awesomeness (including this track), or grab the track individually from Soundcloud.
  4. Title: Spiral
    Artist: William Orbit
    Release: Hello Waveform
    Label: Sanctuary Records
    We all know who William Orbit is. He put up this tune to promote his “Hello Waveforms” release on Sanctuary Records. Grab it free from his website. Looks like it worked. 🙂
  5. Title: Without You (feat. Megaga)
    Artist: RJ Chevalier
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    RJ Chevalier, aka Russell Knight, delivers this week with a short but sweet eletropop tune, with beautiful vocals by Megaga. Check out the tune on Soundcloud.
  6. Title: Cauliflower Clouds
    Artist: DJ Arclight (aka Zaxus)
    Release: N/A
    Label: N/A
    Well, I thought I’d finally feature myself on my podcast. It won’t happen often, I promise. This is an experimental remix of a piano track done for CCMixter. Just put the headphones on, close your eyes, and let go. Grab the tune from CCMixter.

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CV001 – Control Voltage for Feb 23, 2010

  1. Title: Stealth
    Artist: Mark Mosher
    Release: REBOOT
    Label: n/a

    Mark Mosher, best known as the proprietor of music blog Modulate This!, recently released his album REBOOT which I have thoroughly enjoyed. Stealth was initially released as a single, and hit #1 on the Soundclick electronica charts. –>More Information

  2. Title: Oh Brother, This is Where Things Began to Burn
    Artist: Edison
    Release: Not What Ships are Built For
    Label: Kid Without Radio

    Edison is a San Francisco based monome master. Built into a bright yellow lunchbox, Edison’s monome takes him to amazing sonic heights. Check out the video for his not yet released track “Tonka Toy”, and watch how he juggles live monome drumming and keeping the melody going, all with single-shot samples. Oh Brother… is an amazing piece of work from his previous free net release. –>More Information

  3. Title: Warm Lake
    Artist: Manwe
    Release: Aliasing
    Label: n/a

    Manwe, of Russian demo scene and game music group The Sands checks in with this
    all Nintendo DS release. Check out the video here. –>More Information

  4. Title: Braking
    Artist: Quantazelle
    Release: Subvaritrax
    Label: Subvariant

    Quantazelle (aka Liz Revision) is simply one of my favorite independent electronic musicians. Amazing IDM tracks come out of her, and Braking is one of my favorites. Check out the information link for the release, and also check out this live mix for more Quantazelle IDM goodness (including Braking). Liz is the founder of the Subvariant label and also writes for CreateDigitalMusic. –>More Informtaion

  5. Title: Nucleophile
    Artist: Puryx
    Release: n/a
    Label: n/a

    I ran across this track as the soundtrack to “The Origin of Mass”, a brilliant video by Savannah College of Art and Design animation student Aleksandar Rodic. The track itself from Puryx is equally brilliant. Puryx is a Danish DJ and producer, mostly known for his demo scene contributions. You can find the track. among others, here. Check the info link for Puryx’s Facebook page. –>More Information

  6. Title: We are All Connected
    Artist: Symphony of Science (featuring Carl Sagan, Richard Feynman, Neil deGrasse Tyson, and Bill Nye)
    Release: n/a
    Label: n/a

    Symphony of Science, aka John Boswell, has several releases feautring scientists
    auto-tuned to sing science related electronic melodys. Great stuff if you’re a science
    geek, and even if you’re not the songs are very well done. This is the first one I ran
    across via Synthtopia. Check out the video
    in the info link. –>More Information

  7. Title: feignroom
    Artist: Stretta
    Release: n/a
    Label: n/a

    An internet only track release from Monome programmer and electronic musician Stretta, aka Matthew Davidson. Brilliant stuff here, as he live samples and replays/remixes his own voice. Check out the video. –>More Informtation

  8. Title: The Freedom Loop
    Artist: Norman Fairbanks
    Release: 7 Days Microsleep
    Label: n/aGreat stuff from Norman Fairbanks’ all Tenori-On release 7 Days Microsleep. –>More Information

Voiceover beds from Techno Loops Sample Pack by djgriffin.